7 Tips for a Winning LinkedIn Profile


How you come across on your LinkedIn profile is going to determine how successful you are in the world of other professionals that are all around you. Whether you’re recruiting or are a recruiter yourself, how you show yourself off matters. Not sure how to make your LinkedIn profile a winning example of approachable professionalism? Read on below!

Don’t treat it like your resume

Your profile is not our resume. Despite how tempting it is to copy and paste all of your job details into the boxes — they match, after all — write your bio and history from scratch. Your LinkedIn Profile is essential for showing people who you are and helping them understand what is waiting for them behind the resume. Showing only your resume on LinkedIn immediately makes you look two-dimensional.

Focus on just the right headshot

This is so much more important than many people give it credit for! Pick a headshot that is professional, engaging, sophisticated, and appropriate. It’s worth the effort to have just the right shot that shows you off in your true yet professional self.

Make your headline memorable

While commonly used to show your current job title, this is a lost opportunity. Making your headline memorable will make you memorable. Take the time to think of a one-liner that sums up who you are and what you want to do with your life professionally. It’ll make a great impression!

Limit your buzzwords

Employment agencies in the US have heard every buzzword known to man multiple times. Resist the urge to plug your bio with those buzzwords. Use buzzwords that are relevant, sparingly, and then use the rest to talk about the things that you actually want to share instead of what you think they want to hear!

Follow leaders in your niche

Recruiting agencies and hiring managers, such as those at The Blair Kenner (BKG), want to know that you are involved in the niche that you are applying for. Professional hiring managers will search candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to see who they follow, how they engage with those they follow, and more.

Dedicate time, be you the candidate or the hiring manager, to understanding what the loudest voices are in your industry, and how you can improve things for yourself by following them and engaging with them!

Customize every invite

When looking to connect with someone, attend an event, or share an invite, customize it. Not just “Dear [NAME],” either. Write a fresh note each time that you send something. It will read much more naturally, and the person on the other end of that note will know that you wrote it just for them — in the best possible way.

Stay active and relevant

On LinkedIn, you need to stay current. Keep your bio up to date, engage in groups, make new connections, and show those who are watching that you are using LinkedIn authentically.

Your LinkedIn profile has the potential to make you a shining star as an example of what to do right. These tips will help you transform your profile into the best possible form, and it could just earn you your dream job!