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Finding the right person or the right company takes industry experience, knowledge & real connections. Trust BKG’s proprietary technology & methodologies to find strong candidates to fill critical roles within your organization.

How We Deliver For Our Clients

What Makes BKG Special

Ideal Candidate Profile

For each career opportunity, an Ideal Candidate Profile is created. BKG invests the time necessary to understand and document the core requirements listed in the job description, relevant history, unique client objectives and the initial business strategy for finding qualified candidates.


An Account Executive will be assigned to lead all candidate discovery efforts utilizing social media, email marketing, sourcing and an extensive database of over 60,000 candidate contacts.

Qualified Candidates

Interested candidates are interviewed multiple times to identify and document skill sets and applicable experience. Going beyond resumes and applications, BKG digs deep into a candidate’s professional experience and personality traits to provide a shortlist of finalists for consideration.

Video Interviews

BKG provides a viewable 20-minute interview with every finalist. All finalist interviews are uploaded to our secure website for client review prior to the actual interview.

Our Guarantee

A portion of our fee is deferred until the 1-year anniversary of the candidate. If the employee leaves for any reason, within 12 months, we will replace them at no charge!