Something Big is Happening at BKG!

‘BKG Connect’ is Not Just Another Recruiter Network – It’s a Game-Changer!

Something big is happening at BKG! We’re not just another recruiter network – we’re a game-changer. Our mission is to empower independent recruiters and specialized recruiting firms to shine on the national stage while preserving what makes you truly special: your industry wisdom, connections, and a stellar reputation for client and candidate satisfaction.

At ‘BKG Connect’, we’re calling on you to be part of an exclusive network of recruiters, where we unravel the evolution of our profession and showcase how technology is revolutionizing opportunities and financial stability. We’ve got a groundbreaking concept, and we’re eager to share it with you!

Why Choose ‘BKG Connect’ ?

Elevate Your Service Game With ‘BKG Connect’ Tools

Quantify your excellence, boosting your visibility. Showcase your ability to place candidates who not only stick but also satisfy your clients.

Broaden Your Client Base With ‘BKG Connect’

Connect with open searches that align with your interests and expertise. Any employer, any search, anywhere!

Unlock More Revenue Streams With ‘BKG Connect’

Engage with employers in a controlled environment, displaying your skills. Search, select, or bid on open searches, and even split commissions with fellow recruiters.

Expand Your Reach With ‘BKG Connect’

Go beyond your local market, thanks to technology offering more service opportunities.

Cost-Effective Business Growth With ‘BKG Connect’

Ditch expensive job board subscriptions. Build your personal brand and reputation based on performance.

Financial Peace of Mind With ‘BKG Connect’

We’re more than just a recruiter network. Embrace the power of technology to drive new business to your doorstep. It all begins with a conversation!

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