Want To Protect Your Company From Liability? Background Checks Can Do The Trick!


If it’s a no-brainer to do some background sleuthing in the online dating scene, then why wouldn’t you conduct a formal background check on a potential employee? In both cases, background checks are done for protection and verification. As a hiring manager, you run the risk of liability and a compromised work environment, especially if you work with vulnerable groups, like children. Bypassing background verification also contributes to employee turnover and more time finding replacement candidates.

Save yourself some hassle and follow these tips:

Trust, Yet Verify Them

There is no softer pillow than verification for the staffing agency or hiring manager while recruiting for your company. It is estimated that over 40% of resumes contain inaccurate information. A background check is a comprehensive review of a person’s commercial, financial and most importantly, criminal records. A background check can also include education, certifications, employment, credit history, criminal records, license record etc., and there are many background check services available at reasonable rates.

Background Checks Protect Your Company

Verifying the background of candidate while hiring them can also protect employers from liability issues. In some cases, when employees behave badly, employers can sometimes be held responsible for negligence by failing to screen job applicants properly. Background checks, good documentation and prudent hiring practices combine to provide a shield of protection for your organization.

Background Verification Keeps Your Workplace Safe

Regardless of your industry, you will interview potentially dangerous people. Depending on the nature of your business, hiring the wrong person can have catastrophic results, especially when you work with vulnerable groups. Background checks and good reference checking (See the article: Why References Are More Important than Ever in 2021) can protect employers from making the wrong hiring decision.

Background Checks Will Identify If They Are Qualified To Do the Job

For some employers requiring special licensing, certifications or unique education, background checks can protect you from hiring a candidate whose qualifications are exaggerated (See the article: Shady Resume? Look For These Things!). A thorough background check confirms education, certifications and licensing before they are hired.

Why References Are More Important Than Ever For Recruitment in 2021


Running a background check of potential employee is one of the easiest steps in the hiring process that every staffing agency or the hiring manager should keep in his priority list. It provides peace of mind for the hiring manager and protection for the company. And if you are thinking about the cost of background check services, considering the return-on-investment associated with background checks, no fee is too much.

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