Office? More Like ‘Awkward-ice’ – Why Returning from the Comfort of Home is a Tough Gig!


Ah, the age-old tale of the modern office worker – we were once chained to our cubicles, dreaming of liberation, only to find ourselves yearning for our 9-to-5 dungeons once we finally broke free. Working from home, with its comfy PJs and convenient kitchen snacks, has spoiled us rotten. Now, returning to the office feels like a battle against the forces of comfort, convenience, and, let’s be honest, laziness. Let’s dive into why the struggle is real and oh-so-witty!

The “Pajama Syndrome”

Ah, the sweet embrace of pajamas, our trusty WFH companions! Remember when we had to slip into uncomfortable office attire and stare at ourselves in the mirror, pondering if our tie was straight enough? Those days are long gone, replaced by the “Pajama Syndrome.” Pajamas allowed us to soar through spreadsheets and conquer conference calls with unparalleled comfort. WFH warriors have traded in suits and blouses for an all-day pajama party. Convincing them to wear real clothes again? That’s like asking a cat to walk on a leash!

Commute, Say What?

Remember the daily commute? Well, those memories have faded like last year’s calendar. The daily commute has transformed from a necessary evil into a distant memory. No more fighting traffic, crammed subways, or jostling for elevator space. Now we just roll out of bed and voilà, we’re at work. Bringing us back to the office is akin to sending astronauts back to the moon – it’s a giant leap backward!

WFH provided us with the glorious gift of extra sleep, leisurely breakfasts, and precious minutes not wasted in transit. Returning to the daily grind feels like a punchline to a cosmic joke.

Home Sweet Office

Over time, our homes have evolved into cozy work sanctuaries. We’ve carefully curated our WFH spaces with ergonomic chairs, multiple monitors, and our favorite coffee mug always within reach. Leaving behind these havens to return to a soulless cubicle? Now, that’s what we call an uphill battle. Who wants to trade in the familiar for a shared office space with fluorescent lights and lukewarm coffee? Not us!

Hygiene Hypochondria

Let’s not forget that the pandemic turned all of us into hand sanitizer-wielding germophobes. Going back to the office means touching communal surfaces, sharing elevators, and, heaven forbid, breathing the same air as coworkers. The thought of it makes us want to carry around a bubble suit!

Lost in Transition

We’ve become masters of work-life integration. From squeezing in laundry between meetings to taking a lunchtime yoga class, WFH allowed us to blend the lines between our professional and personal lives seamlessly. Going back to the office could mean saying goodbye to our newfound freedom.

Flexibility, Our True Love

Perhaps one of the most cherished perks of WFH has been the flexibility it offers. Between meetings, we’ve become masters at running errands, doing laundry, or sneaking in a midday workout. The thought of surrendering these newfound freedoms to the rigid schedule of office life is akin to caging a wild beast.


In the grand comedy of our work lives, the return to the office is the punchline we’re not quite ready to laugh at. Pajamas, zero commute, comfy home offices, hygiene concerns, and newfound flexibility are all part of the reasons why the transition feels like we’re attempting the impossible. So, while we may eventually make our way back to the office, rest assured, the adventure will be filled with amusing tales of our reluctant return to the land of water coolers and office small talk. Until then, may the comfy couch and trusty laptop reign supreme!