Staffing Agency in Chicago

The Blair Kenner Group (BKG) is proud to provide innovative staffing solutions to Chicago. BKG’s tenured talent acquisition specialists bring their hands-on industry experience and critical competency to insurance recruiting in Chicago. With over 20 years of experience, our insurance recruiters serving Chicago have they eye for uniting career opportunities with talented and qualified candidates. Our lived experience working in the Windy City’s insurance space has facilitated the genuine connection with key industry partners that set BKG apart from other employment agencies.

At BKG, we believe that taking the necessary time to get to know our clients’ historical backgrounds, current mission, and unique staffing needs not only supports effective candidate-client matches but also fosters long-term repeat client relationships. Our talent acquisition specialists are not just Chicago insurance recruiters aiming to simply place people in jobs. BKG’s competency in staffing agency solutions is demonstrated through a proactive and strategic talent acquisition strategy aimed to cultivate long-lasting and effective candidate-client matches.

Our Chicago insurance recruiters begin the talent acquisition process by cultivating a solid framework, built upon genuine connection with our clients. BKG talent acquisition specialists take the time to get to know the unique staffing needs of our Chicago-based clients to provide organization-tailored candidate placements. With an elevated understanding of client staffing needs, our talent acquisition specialists create ideal candidate profiles tailored in alignment with client objectives.


The ideal candidate profile then serves as the talent acquisition framework by which our specialists engage in a thorough candidate sourcing practice that goes beyond the traditional database search! BKG brings its proprietary technology and methodologies to Chicago to conduct a client discovery process that yields strictly qualified candidates.

Our talent acquisition specialists video interview each qualified candidate to ensure their personality, work ethic, and goals are in alignment with the career opportunity provided. Our Chicago staffing agency virtually meets every candidate we introduce them to our clients! BKG’s competency in
the talent sourcing process is also shown through recognition of the importance confidentiality holds in exploring staffing solutions. All talent acquisition processes are conducted with the utmost integrity to facilitate diligent maintenance of client and candidate privacy.

Our Chicago insurance recruiters proudly go the extra mile to ensure reciprocal client-candidate satisfaction that promotes lasting, effective placements. BKG believes in the staffing solution services provided to the Chicago area – so much so, that we guarantee it! A portion of our fee is waived until placed candidates reach their 1-year placement anniversary. If for any reason the employee leaves, we will replace them at no charge.

BKG is excited to share its specialty in executive-level talent acquisition and staffing with Chicago. With tenured experience and extensive in the property and casualty healthcare insurance, cost-containment spaces we service insurance carriers, claim-payer, pharmacy benefit, and IT companies that support cost mitigation in the claims process. Our specialties include interfacing with C-level and operations as well as sales and account management. Want to learn more about how The Blair Kenner group can support your Chicago-based organization? Contact us, let’s have a conversation!

It Starts With A Conversation!

We specialize in executive-level talent acquisition and staffing in Chicago, with extensive expertise in the property & casualty and healthcare insurance, cost-containment space serving insurance carriers, claim-payers, pharmacy benefit, and IT companies that support cost mitigation in the claims process. We specialize in C-level, IT, operations, sales & account management.

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