Is Your Company Staffing Up? The BKG Bundle Is For You!

Introducing BKG Bundle, Where The First One’s On Us!

If your company is in growth mode, or has strategic roles to fill, we have a deal for you! The BKG Bundle is designed for Clients who plan on making at least 4 hires in the next year.


How The BKG Bundle Works?

The BKG Bundle is a program specifically for clients who require multiple searches in the near future. Here’s how the BKG Bundle works:

A one-year contract for a minimum of 4 searches is required.

The Placement Fee is WAIVED for the first search, OR, the Placement Fees for all 4 searches is REDUCED.

All searches are guaranteed and we put money at risk with a Performance Guarantee Fee on the Candidate’s one-year anniversary.

If 4 searches are not concluded within the contract period, BKG will retroactively bill for the first search at our standard rates, as defined in the Letter of Engagement.

A fully executed Letter of Engagement and receipt of the Project Initiation Fee is required for searches to begin.

It Starts With A Conversation!

We specialize in executive-level talent acquisition and staffing, with extensive expertise in the property & casualty and healthcare insurance, cost-containment space serving insurance carriers, claim-payers, pharmacy benefit, and IT companies that support cost mitigation in the claims process. We specialize in C-level, IT, operations, sales & account management.

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