Talent Acquisition Redefined

Not Just a Recruiter Network, But Something Different!

Something big is happening at BKG! We are inviting you to join a select network of companies to explore the evolution of the talent acquisition space and how technology is being harnessed to increase the value of a recruiter relationship in a controlled environment with checks and balances.

At Apio, we’re not your typical platform. Our goal is to redefine how companies like yours approach hiring. We’ve got an idea that could make a real difference, and we’re excited to share it with you!

Why Connect with Us?

Engaging with recruiters on your terms

set job requirements, recruiter fees or put jobs out to bid. Access tools that allow you to engage with expert recruiters in a controlled environment that drives accountability.

Optimize your corporate brand

Gain access to simple tools that define and promote your Employer Brand, helping your company stand out to talent.

Expand your Talent Acquisition resources

Engage with a national network of recruiters who are experts in your space and can deliver quality passive candidates.

Deeper bench strength!

Expand your hiring resources and post jobs to gain access to pre-screen candidates through vetted recruiters based on your requirements.

Extend your hiring reach

work with expert recruiters locally, nationally or globally! It’s your choice.

Ensure Financial Stability

Apio is more than just a hiring network; it’s a useful tool that uses tech, including an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), to bring in new business for your company.

Ready to transform your hiring game?

Join us, and let’s shape up a fresh and effective approach to hiring with Apio’s suite of solutions! It starts with conversation.

Contact US to know more and we will get back to you within 24 hours!